I was granted sales permission on November 21st, 2018 by areica96. 

-A quote does notguarantee you get the item, only a commitment does.
-when you ask for a quote please provide your zip code and country because I do accept international.
-I DO accept haggling, feel free to haggle but some things are fixed amount.
-I will sometimes do holds but I can also refuse them.
-I can do payment plans but it has to be actually expensive I can also refuse to do a payment plan.
-I will notdo returns at all for buyers remorse or lost/damaged packages, that’s what insurance is for so I can put on insurance if you’d like it.
-Everything is smoke free. I do have a dog, but he's a hairless, and doesn't go near my collection.
-Backing out of a commitment will result in negative feedback
-Please be sure to leave feedback after receiving your items, my link is

-US shipping: starts at $4 
-I do ship internationally just ask me for a shipping quote!
-I provide tracking for each item sent!
-I am ok with holding items to ship together to save you on shipping

Click this link to go to my collection site!

Dice are $3 ea. Please comment with the letter associated to the dice you're wanting.

Kid figures $3ea. Garchomp, Flygon, Noivern sold.
Clear kid $4

First release pikachu pop. $10

Lottery pikachu $5

Ampharos MWT 2018 halloween $25

2018 Halloween umbreon mascot, MWT $15

Mimikyu Team Trick plush MWT $20

Below are hard enamel pins and charms. They are $8 each. Better photos are on my website or I can comment with them here. Willing to do deals for multiple purchased!!! (All never worn/used, just out of packaging. Still have rubber backers though) Most are by artists, I am not looking to profit off of these, just dont have room for most of these anymore. (MTG lion, drampa charm, mimikyu/marshadow/lunala/latios pins are official)